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                           A National Women’s Diversified Financial Services Provider 

About us


Women’s Medical Bancorp (WMBC) is a purpose driven diversified financial services group, specializing exclusively in secure private banking and services including medical funding for patients, physicians and hospital based medical services

  • Women's Bancorp PLC is first and foremost dedicated to the individual patient and also the fine physicians we serve. At WMBC we provide private pay funding for patient elective procedures, as well as doctor capital resources for medical practice expansion; equipment leasing; factoring; and much more. WMBC are dedicated advocates for the rights of patients to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

    Complete Multi-Channel Banking and          Medical Funding Solutions

    Superior banking and healthcare provider expertise

    WMBC Global Medical Capital delivers superior banking and healthcare provider expertise, industry relationships, substantial capital base, and an expeditious approval process resulting in an ideal fit for healthcare providers. Our physician loans are available to medical professionals nationwide

Why us

  • The Hospital Mini-Branch provides medical banking solutions for patients, physicians and hospitals

  • The Healthcare Banker Smartcard patent pending stores critical patient medical records and also functions as an EMV (Eurocard-MasterCard-Visa) card while protecting patients from banking cyber-crime.

  • World Class Vista Healthcare Records Software used in more than 1000 hospitals is offered free to the hospitals and physicians with the Healthcare Banker Smartcard launch.




Physician Loans
physician loan A Physician's time is their bottom line, our fast and efficient loan commence process for unsecured working capital is just a click away. With our short verification process for physician loans we are able to transfer the funds to your account within 5-7 business days.
Dentist Loans
Dentist Loan Dentist work hard to stay at the top of their field, they value the fact that MBMC is experienced in their industry and is able to focus on each Dentist's needs. We pair up a specialist to help you commence an unsecured loan and transfer the funds in a week to grow your practice.
Veterinarian Loans
Veterinarian Loans MBMC understands Veterinarian professionals come with different financial needs. MBMC provides experienced specialists in several fields to help veterinarian professionals meet today's demands and realize tomorrow's potential
Medical Specialist Loans
Medical Specialist Since medical specialists face liquidity issues, cash flow is critical. Medical specialists such as Chiropractors, Optometrists, Podiatrists, and Physical Therapists have to be able to pay their employees and provide benefits. MBMC Unsecured Working Capital will inject the capital you need to grow.
Patient Financing
Patient Financing We offer financing to a variety of providers, including dental, vision care, veterinary, audiology, cosmetic surgery, chiropractic and other practitioners. MBMC is the leader in patient/client financing. We offer a comprehensive range of plans ranging from $1 to over $25,000. Choose from no deferred interest and extended payment plan

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The Healthcare Banker Smartcard patent pending 

                     ™ The Power To Heal

Costco Cares Member Smart-Card patent pending:

 A medical financial cyber-security-vault

Fact: You and your family, your hospitals, banks and Costco will be cyber hacked and all of your banking and medical records will be stolen. You could easily lose all your money and your personal identity. Can you understand what that really means?

Fact: This is not a question of if this will occur, but a question of when. What are your plans to protect yourself and family?

Fact: The Healthcare Banker Smart-Card patent pending is 5 times as secure as Chase or Wells Fargo's new 'Chip Cards". Not surprisingly they are tremendously more expensive. WMBC values the new card and reader at $139.00 retail, but are complimentary for new members.

Probably the most valuable confidential records in your life are your medical records where it is estimated that 5 million people have had their medical identity stolen in the US so far. Hospital medical records are the ‘mother lode’ of cybercrime because they include a complete comprehensive record of your whole life, financial as well as medical. This is extremely serious and definitely potentially life threatening as well as extremely expensive to fix if and when you discover this crime.

Hospitals face many cyber security challenges with new healthcare technology.  It’s estimated that about half of health organizations in the country have experienced a breach in the last 12 months. Aging medical patient’s 55 years old plus are rightly fearful that their private medical and banking records and money will be stolen.

Unlike in financial identity theft, health identity-theft victims can remain on the hook for payment because there is no health-care equivalent of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which limits consumers’ monetary losses if someone uses their credit information.

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