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Women's Medical Bancorp

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What is the immediate - future of healthcare in America?

Retirement planning

Whether retirement is many years away, knocking on your doorstep, or you are currently enjoying your time as a retiree, We believe that having a well-structured plan is a must. Retirement is important; it is what you spend all of your working years saving for, it is your end goal. In order to feel secure in retirement and be able to have peace of mind that the lifestyle you are living is one you can afford, it is essential to have a plan.

We can provide an array of services when it comes to retirement planning. Whether you need investment advice, income planning, estate projections, or anything in between, we are happy to work with you on a continuous basis to help ensure that your plan makes sense and is one that you are comfortable with. We will help you set realistic savings goals, invest your assets appropriately, and map out where your income will come from in retirement and when you will take it.

Something as important as retirement cannot be left to chance. As we say around the office, “Invest in your future, for that is where you will be spending the rest of your life.

Charitable gift planning

At WMBC we offer our philanthropically-focused clients every opportunity to support the organizations or causes that mean the most to them and work with them throughout the process. We strive to ensure our charitable gift clients secure the best possible outcomes for their philanthropy efforts through immediate income streams and tax benefits. We like to provide opportunities for win-win situations.

Charitable giving strategies are abundant, and we understand the ins and outs of each. After determining your wishes and needs, we will work collaboratively with your tax and legal teams to make sure your strategy is implemented appropriately.

Our charitable gift clients utilize an array of strategies to make contributions to colleges and institutions, religious bodies, health care systems, arts organizations and many others.

"Finding a small bank with specialized lending programs and experienced lenders allowed me to finance my business through the USDA's Farm Service Agency loan program. The Bank listened to my needs and found the right solution to finance my farming operation when other banks could not. I'm grateful for their professionalism, lending expertise, and great service!"


Jessica Priston, Consultant

"We choose Women's Medical Bancorp because we know they share our values of putting community first. Not only do they make banking easy, we see them out volunteering, engaging their customers and investing in our community every day."

Rebecca Robbins , Store Owner