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WMBC and MBMC are medical capital focused companies involved in helping hospitals, physicians, and patients in advanced cyber security strategies, desperately required because more than 100 million detailed patient records have been stolen in the last year alone, and more than 3 million people have had their complete personal identities stolen.

Since you may be a little new in regard to identity theft - please consider what that could mean to you and your family personally.

Because of this dire emergency we researched, developed and patented the very first multi-functional ultra-encrypted medical records smart card with a functional EMV (Eurocard-MasterCard-Visa) card.

Major US banks who just launched their new supposedly secure chip cards, as a way to stop cyber-crime completely botched it up, with their new cards inherently flawed with glaring design defects.


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Asset Protection 101


How safe are your assets?

Remember it is not just what you will earn over your lifetime; But how much you will end up with at the end of your long years of service. Prudent ASSET PROTECTION is basic 'economic survival 101'.

At the Morgan Barclay Trust Department we can help guide you through the complex intricacies of financial and legal mazes. You will learn about global strategies.

How do you protect your assets?

Can you really protect your home, office, or business?

Can you legally go global, while establishing off-shore companies and banking connections?

What about Wills, Trusts, and Estates?

Are there any global banking centers left with stronger privacy laws?

How can I get references and introductions to these private bankers?

Are there any ways to get your banks to renegotiate your loans on underwater properties?

What about building your business credit?

Do you need a second opinion?

At the Morgan Barclay Trust Department, we kindly suggest, that you get a second opinion as to your overall security and safety. Strategic global asset management must be considered and fundamental asset protection and trust management must be implemented. A global cadre of the finest legal and financial advisors is available as well as substantial discounts for various select groups:

Patients; Senior Citizens; Medical Doctors and their Colleagues:

All inquiries held to the highest levels of confidentiality.


How do I Enroll the Practice?

medical office

THE NEW MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING designed for Dr. Douglas Hershkowitz's neurosurgery practice is a 7,500 square foot, single story building placed on a previously developed one acre site.

How do I enroll the practice?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main benefit to using Morgan Barclay Medical Bancorp?

2. What advantage does Morgan Barclay Medical Capital have over other finance companies?

3. What happens if the patient does not pay?

4. How much extra work will it be for my office staff?

5. When will we get paid?

6. How soon will we know if a patient is approved or declined and what is the approval rate?

7. How do my patients apply?

8. What fees are involved for our practice to use your services?

9. How do I enroll the practice?

1. What is the main benefit to using WMBC Medical Bancorp? Patient financing will increase your volume an average of 20-30%. Top

2. What advantage does WMBC Medical Capital have over other finance companies?
We have relationships with all the major medical finance companies, as well as a full-service mortgage company for homeowners wishing to use their home's equity to finance more costly procedures. This enables us the widest variety of options for your patients and highest possibility of approval. In other words, Morgan Barclay Medical Capital is the only finance company that can offer patients both Secured and Unsecured financing. Click here to Enroll NowTop

3. What happens if the patient does not pay?
Our financing is Non-recourse, meaning we bare all risk. In other words, if we have a debt collection later on, we do not come back to your practice for payment Click here to Enroll NowTop

4. How much extra work will it be for my office staff?
Almost none. After handing your patient our brochure or directing them to our website, we handle all the loan documents and processing. Your staff will simply need to sign a couple of forms right before each funding to verify payments amounts and how you would like the payments disbursed, etc. Click here to Enroll NowTop>

5. When will we get paid?
We generally require approximately two weeks from start to finish. Once approved, the patient then must decide which term option they want and we will generate their loan documents accordingly and FedEx them to the patient (including prepaid return). Once the patient returns their loan docs to us, we must verify employment, income, etc. and Doctor will be funded in about 3-5 business days. Click here to Enroll NowTop

6. How soon will we know if a patient is approved or declined?
Generally, you will know the status of each application via fax within 24 hours, depending on the time of day they apply, how many applications we are processing that day, which lender we submit them to, etc. The approval rate varies greatly depending on demographics, but keep in mind the patient must be currently employed with a minimum gross income of $2000 per month; have at least two years of credit history established; show no open derogatory accounts on their credit report; and bankruptcies must be discharged for three years. If they do not meet one or more of these requirements; they may apply with a co-applicant who does, but the patient has to remain on the loan. Click here to Enroll NowTop

7. How do my patients apply?
For your patients' security, we no longer take applications over the phone. They may apply on this website, or fax the credit application that is on the back of the brochures in your office. (Please make sure they have fully completed the credit app. and it is clearly written before faxing it to us.) Click here to Enroll NowTop

8. What fees are involved for our practice to use your service?
Competitive! We pay Doctor 100% of the approved loan amount. All associated lender/processing fees are absorbed by the provider.� Click here to Enroll NowTop

do i qualify for a health care visa?

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Financing

What if I have had credit problems in the past?

WMBC Medical Bancorp has programs for most all types of credit histories. If you've been declined in the past by other finance companies WMBC may still be able to approve your loan request. We can also try processing your loan with a co-signer if needed.

What will my interest rate be?

Your interest rate will vary based on your credit history, selected loan term, and loan amount. We work with certain banks that offer a twelve month interest free rebate plan. If you are able to pay back your loan within a year, a rebate for the interest you have paid to the bank will be mailed to you in a check. So in other words your interest will amount to 0%. Patients with excellent credit ratings who apply for financing through Morgan Barclay Medical Bancorp qualify for extra-low interest rates. Even patients with past credit problems can qualify for reasonable rates.

What loan terms are available?

Available loan terms may include 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months or a revolving credit line depending on your credit background and in some cases we can even arrange financing for as long as 360 months.

Are there down payment requirements?

Down payment requirements are determined based on your credit history and your health care provider's requirements. If you have average or above average credit, you may not be required to put any money down

medical patient financing


medical loans for patients

WMBC Medical Capital

WMBC MEDICAL BANCORP is created to provide consumers with easy and affordable options to pay for medical expenses through your doctor’s office. Whether you need a medical loan for cosmetic surgery, vision correction or other medical procedures, we can help you obtain financing through your doctor’s office for your needs, even if you have less than perfect credit.

Medical Loan Financing

We specialize in helping people with their financing needs for their Medical / Dental Procedures. With our dedicated network of lenders of both secured and unsecured loans, and our experienced agents, we are dedicated to finding you the best loan available with some of the most competitive rates.

One Application, Multiple Loan Options

Loan amounts from $500 to $10,000,000

Rates as low as 3.99%*

6-9 Month Interest Free Loans*

No Pre-payment Penalty*


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Hospital Mini-Bank Reg A+ Franchise M&A

The Hospital Mini-Branch offers dynamic expansion potential for M&A investor to assist with placement of medical banking kiosks in major hospitals staffed by loan officers.
The medical /banking records crime wave has affected 100 million records this year.
Above all, the company has an unprecedented medical patients records Healthcare Banking Smartcard (patent pending) which will be provided to the hospitals without costs
The Healthcare Banker Smartcards,provides the highest levels of cyber security for protecting patient medical records and banking assets.
Please request a PowerPoint presentation review for further info

More info


 INVESTMENT PARTNERS, L.P. – 2017 Series One

The partnership will be investing in the legal structure, formation and registration with the SEC. the Securities Exchange Commission, of a new Mini-IPO stock offering under Rule Regulation A+, which allows WMBC to raise $50 million dollars the first year selling to ‘unaccredited’ investors. The partnership will be also investing in the legal due diligence required for a national financial services franchise. WMBC contemplates another subsequent raise, creating a Hospital Investment Trust, (HIT) which pulls together a group of hospitals to buy and operate a small, clean, national or state chartered bank , which will be re-branded as Women’s Bancorp USA. Further, the Healthcare eBanker Smartcard , patent pending will be distributed and licensed to hospitals, clinics, insurance companies and other medical financial services companies, and royalties will be paid per issued card.