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Healthcare Banker Smartcard

The Healthcare Banker Smartcard patent pending

The Healthcare Banker stores critical patient medical records and also functions as an EMV (Eurocard-MasterCard-Visa) bank card. Smart Cards provide the enabling of shared Electronic Health Records among doctors and other healthcare providers. It is simple to use, cost-effective and proven. The cost savings to healthcare providers that utilize shared EHRs are substantial.

+ Enhancing and streamlining the patient registration and admissions process.

+ Providing patient information that is accurate, portable, and updateable.

+ Facilitating access to patient information in emergency situations by “first responders”.

+ Fomenting a stronger relationship between the hospital, its providers, and the local emergency services.

+ Creating marketing and patient-loyalty advantages for hospitals relative to other competitors within the local market.

Diminishes keystroke & interpretation errors

Eliminates the creation of duplicate and overlay records

Reduces patient misidentification and protects against identity fraud

Decreases manual entry, search, and validation processes

Increases patient care outcomes, safety, security, and satisfaction Affordable with immediate cross-organizational savings and efficiency.

The program has several components that all work together to save time for the patient, reduce costly errors for the hospital or physician, and enhance the overall experience.
Patient data includes basic demographic data, insurance information, emergency information, allergies, medical conditions, and recent prescriptions. Information is uploaded by patients through the hospital's web site and securely encrypted onto a Smart card.
When patients come to the hospital, they present the Smart card. The Smart card information, which can be updated, is then accessed by a hospital's admissions unit and matched to the hospital's data management software.
Kiosks at the hospital also allow a patient to pre-register using data stored on the Smart card to populate standardized patient forms. Additionally, ambulances and EMT's will have portable readers that can view the patient's Smart card data in emergency situations, providing richer and more accurate information